The costs of building a Royale Sabre

To build a kit car, the costs are very underestimated. Most builders are very optimistic and only see the price of the kit itself, but you can triple or quadruple the cost of the basic kit. In the table below you get some information of the cost I spent to build the car.

Of course you can make some things more expensive, but it's very difficult to build it cheaper. For example you can get a donor vehicle for 1000 euro, but for that price you get a car of at least 15 years old, a mileage of 200.000 and a lot of rust. Or you can clean and spray the chassis by yourself, but how do you remove the rolling mill skin of the steel. If you don't do that you will see the result after 2 years. Be wise and build on quality, not on costs or time.

For the actual prices of the kit and parts see: As you can see the standard factory build Royale Sabre is sold by this company for GBP 26.000 or EUR 37.000 (excl. taxes!).

component euro
donor vehicle 3.000
Body & Chassis Kit 7.000
Sand blasting and painting 800
Bonnet Fixing and Fitting Kit 270
Brake tubes, badges, etc. 500
Chrome finisher set 370
Bumper Kit ( Chrome ) 540
Carpet Set ( Super Wool ) 450
Door Glass & Fitting Kit, Locks 420
Front Suspension Conversion Kit 560
Radiator, Grill Mesh, wiper set 700
Hood Complete Assembly 750
Interior Trim Kit 600
Lighting Kit 600
Prop shaft 260
Seal Kit 200
Interior and Torpedo Side Lights 120
Walnut Dashboard and Radio Fascia 450
Windscreen Glass & Chrome Finisher 210
Wired wheels, cones and nuts 3.000
Spraying, paint 3.000
Wiring Harness 500
Wooden steering wheel 170
Leather interior 1.500
SVA (Dutch:RDW) tests 400
Hard Top & Fitting Kit 630
Total 27.000