The Donor Car

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The donor car: Any Ford Sierra or Granada/Scorpio.

The kit: Separate steel chassis frame (100 x 100 mm) rectangular hollow section main rails. A steel upper structure provides strength for wind screen pillars, door posts and seat belts. The main body panels are made from GRP (Glass fiber Re-inforced Polyester) with the addition of "core-mat", a material which is sandwiched between the layers of glass fiber to give immense strength and rigidity. On the right the body and the doors inside the car. The front and rear wings have been put behind the car. Although the car is fitted original with a hood, for the winter days a hardtop is more comfortable.

The stripping: On the left the Ford Scorpio (Granada) with a 2.0 liter DOHC engine, ABS, electric windows and central locking system. All these components have fitted in the Sabre. Right: The result of stripping the donor car: a trailer with scrap. All parts like engine, gear-box, front and back suspension, wire loom, etc. of the Scorpio (UK:Granada) are needed. The chairs are from a Ford Escort and are upholstered with red leather now. On the far right: Leen Geerts, owner of a scrap yard in Haarlemmerliede, The Netherlands and and a specialist in all models Ford cars.