The Royale Sabre Kit Car Building Story (SOLD!)  

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For a few years I owned a Morgan 4+4. After a year without an original English roadster I decided to build my own. My choice fell on the Royale Sabre, a kit car with the style and shapes of vehicles before World War II. I collected the kit at Royale Motor Co., Bamber Bridge (UK) in the end of 1996. Two years later the project was finished. Total hours spend: over 400, but the result is amazing! With thanks to John Barlow, who designed this excellent car with extreme high quality standards. If you have any question about the Royale Sabre, the route to get a Dutch license or to build a kit car you can email me to:

In general it was an easy job without severe problems. I had made some time consuming modifications, caused by the differences between cars and/or standards in the European countries. The kit is produced originally right handed drive (UK), but on the Continent a left handed drive car is preferable. All I needed were a lot of drills (weared out by the glass fiber) and a set of sockets. On this page you will see the building progress and some information about kit cars.

Manufacturer: Vintage Motor Company. As a tribute to his magnificent design I mention the former owner of Royale Sabre Motor Co: John Barlow. On the right: My son Monty in the "show model" of John Barlow. Behind the Sabre the other model of the Royal Motor Co.: the Royale Drophead. John has designed for 1998 another model: the Royale Windsor.

Royale Owners Club: There is an owners club, but the club has disbanded its website. On the left some Sabres at the Royale Motor Club stand at Stoneleigh (UK), a yearly event of the National Kit Car Motor Show.